Anecdote of recruitement...

  • 1

    — Hello Mr .....X. I’m Miss Juliette. I call you to confirm your presence at the focus group tomorrow at the XXXXX Hotel?

    — Hem... Yes... Where is it ?

    — Haven’t you received your invitation?

    — Yes, I have...

    — So, it’s in Gardens Street, at the XXXXX Hotel.

    — Oh yes, ok.

    — Ok thank you very much... See you tomorrow.

    — Hem , can I ask you something ?

    — Yes ?

    And shyly, the young man says:

    — .....................................................What is the bedroom number?

  • 2

    We were organizing a focus group in a hotel somewhere in France for a men’s hairdressing salon chain.

    A gentleman, a top executive for France Telecom-Orange, had accepted to participate. But the following day, at 7AM, his hysteric wife calls me to shout at me !

    — What do you want to do with my husband ? she asked. He will not attend your meeting! Or I’m going with him!

    — It’s not possible, I answered. It’s a focus group with men only... It’s only for barbers.

    Then, she cried out: “What is this ?! You are a group of women who invited men in a hotel and additionnally you pay them ! I’ll sue you!

    She didn’t file a complaint but she harassed me during the whole day !

  • 3

    A young lawyer wanted to participate to a focus group about the new technologies, but she didn’t enter my target list and I couldn’t invite her... and she threatened to sue me too. She had agreed to create a scrapbook on line, which she was to be paid for, and afterwards, we would select and choose different scrapbooks that answered best to what we were looking for.

    As I was telling her that she could not participate, she started to lose her temper, speaking about the sudden difficulties to complete the scrapbook, to download images and then, she told me she would charge overtime!

    Time taken to down a small 500ko picture: the record = 10 minutes, and once the picture has been downloaded, the whole text that has been typed meanwhile has disappeared.

    - “Hem, I’m sorry, miss, but I can’t pay any overtime”... which was followed by an exchange of emails that lasted the whole day...

  • 4

    About cosmetics testings for a great luxury brand.

    ... Here we have a sample of cheaters ready to do anything to participate.
    For example, some don’t hesitate to make a scene: “Look at my skin, it needs your cream! What are you selling? Caviar?”

  • 5

    One of our investigator remembers :

    ... She had to go from door to door, handing a questionnaire about some toothpaste, leaving also a sample of that toothpaste to be tried.

    She had spent 2 hours looking for the last tester who would meet the predefined quotas – a man from 35 to 45, worker...

    And had finally found him in a “priority urbanization zone”, a place you enter fearing to be mugged like in some thriller movies... A nice man agreed to participate. He let her inside his flat, and after she had told him about the test, the man asked: “Is it a problem if I don’t have any teeth left?”...

    Ho no!!!!

  • 6

    — Hello, my name is Ophélie and I work for Scaning Society, I’m doing a study on...

    — .................. Hello, so, you do study the Canine society... What do you want to know?