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Quality never happens by accident, it's always the fruit of an intelligence's labour.

Scaning: a team of study experts

A call center


Located in Rennes, responding to all your quantitative needs. 

A dedicated team

B2B & B2C

For your recruitments in B2B and B2C.

An international presence


Collaborations with a pool of international field partners

A stimulating space


Specially designed to stimulate collective intelligence and welcome your "quali"

And it's also about collaboration network


An ecosystem of professionals capable of supporting your study issues.

Target audiences

B to C

Quota surveys, purchasing manager surveys, target audience surveys (behavioral, equipment or attendance criteria), surveys of customer or prospect files, questioning of panels, etc.

B to B

Business decision-makers and startups, buyers, distributors, institutional audiences, elected officials, opinion leaders, experts, general practitioners and specialists, etc.

Other targets

VIPs, very high-income targets, large business leaders, large accounts, luxury customers, internal audits, patient studies, etc.

Our values

Tailor-made recruitment and motivated participants, respect of commitments, passionate analysts, talented moderators; Scaning is committed to meet each challenge with brio.



Scaning has developed a network of 250 investigators in France. This dimensioning allows you to choose the right "casting" by mobilizing the teams best suited to your challenge, both in terms of the type of survey, methodology or target.


In support of local partners, Scaning manages your field in Europe and on other continents. We operate in particular in the USA, Canada, South America, Asia (China and Japan) and the Middle East.

A few words from our CEO

sylvie aveillan

15 years ago, I decided to put to good use my professional career in the artistic field, journalism, communication and management skills and my long practice of institutes and fields of study.

There are productivity constraints in our businesses, efficiency and economy imperatives. But above all, at the very heart of studies, there is meaning and there is the human. Knowing how to recruit the “right” person, knowing how to interview them, is an art!

It is the art of communication, listening, empathy sprinkled with a dose of stubbornness and high standards. Day after day, Scaning strives to make the field of studies a "performance" for meaningful analyzes.

SCANING was born out of the alliance of these worlds and the enrichment of these eclectic experiences

Sylvie Aveillan

Ressources Panel France

  • 76,000


    Registered in our databases and regularly contacted around B2B and B2C issues.

  • 40,000


    Through telephone surveys, Hall Test, street and online.

  • 20,000


    Recruited for focus groups, interviews or online communities.

  • 7,000


    At points of sale or remote information services (visits, calls, email).

  • 6,000


    Request for sector studies (new tech., Start ups, health, resp. Purchasing, etc.).

  • 700


    And field partners for collaborations in France and abroad.

A place to facilitate collective intelligence

At the heart of the regional metropolis, we offer a workspace designed to accommodate your focus groups, interviews, meetings, workshops, team building, private offices, etc.